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Seafood Delicacies

Seafood Lazeez  

A beautiful mixture of mouthwatering salmon, scallop & king prawns, pan fried with cardamoms, lemon juice, coriander, tomatoes, shredded ginger & fresh methi in a medium sauce

Desi Biryani

Prepared from the finest basmati saffron rice with almonds, sultanas & garnished with tomatoes & other ingredients. Served with a medium vegetable curry sauce

Traditional Balti Dishes

Saag Balti  

Tikka Balti  


Vegetarian Sides Dishes


European Dishes

Fresh Breads

Assorted Side Dishes





Diced chicken OR lamb mildly spiced with dedicated use of chaat massala sauce served with a puffed puree


Succulent pieces of chicken or lamb marinated in herbs & spices, then roasted in a tandoori on skewers

Bilathi Mirchi  

Pepper stuffed with mildly spiced chicken or mince lamb


Prawns stir fried with onion, garlic, green peppers and tomatoes

Tandoori Specialities

Tikka Main  

Diced pieces of spring chicken OR lamb marinated & mildly spiced, then grilled in a tandoori on skewers

Shaslick Main  

Tender diced chicken OR lamb marinated with mild herbs & spices grilled in a tandoori with tomatoes, onions & fresh green peppers

Spice In Signature Dishes

Served with pilau rice

Tawa Specials

Tawa dishes are cooked with onion, green peppers, strongly herbed & spiced

Master chef Creations


(chicken or lamb tikka) Our own exclusive recipe of succulent tikka in a smooth creamy masala sauce

Gurka Masala  

(chicken or Iamb tikka) Very highly recommended. Our chef's own unique way of cooking spicy minced lamb in a medium sauce 

Assame Jalfrezi  

chicken or lamb or vegetables prepared in hot and spicy sauce of stir feed sliced onions, capsicums, coriander, tomato & fresh chilli. (medium on request) 


(chicken or lamb orVeg) Popular food from Jaipur in Bangladesh. Meat is marinated & slow cooked in the clay oven & enhanced with fresh mushroom, onion, juicy capsicums served in a Bengali style sauce

Royal Naga  

(chicken or lamb tikka or Veg) A very hot spicy curry, with Bangladeshi chilli and coriander

Mango Khurma  

(chicken or lamb tikka) A mild and creamy curry flavoured with mango,almond and coconut


(chicken or lamb) Sylheti style spicy vegetable cooked with coriander and home made spicy sauce

Afghan Chana (Hot on request))  

Tender lamb or chicken cooked with chick peas in spicy fresh lemon juice. Garnished with coriander and ginger, medium hot 


(Chicken or Lamb Tikka) Marinated in garlic & ginger, cooked in cumin seeds & other delicious spices


(Chicken or Lamb Tikka) Prepared in a mild creamy sauce of ground almond, with touch of yoghurt to give you a mouth-watering taste 


Off the bone, whole breast of chicken stuffed with minced lamb and fried in butter. Then cooked in a special medium spicy sauce. Hot on request


Diced chicken or lamb tikka cooked with a combination of peppers, onion & coriander in spicy & tangy flavoured sauce.

Desi Korai  

Pieces of breasted chicken or succulent lamb fused together with fresh herbs & spices to create a rich flavoured taste


(Chicken or Lamb)Chef's special fusion dish cooked with brown bullet chillies 

Old Favourites








Rogan Josh  


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